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cPMalScan - cPanel Malware & Phishing Content Scanner

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cPMalScan will detect and block all kind of malware files uploaded via http and ftp. It has the highest detection rate compared all other malware scanners available for cpanel due to it's intelligent scanner engine. Hackers heavily uses the vulnerabilities in the WordPress, Joomla and other CMS’s and upload malicious contents. But cPMalScan is able to detect and block it. It also has realtime/active scanning feature which automatically scan new files that are created in the user’s public_html folder.


cPanel Plugin -  The cPanel users will be able to scan their account themselves from their cpanel.

Realtime Scan - It will automatically scan all newly created files in the users public_html.

WHM Interface - You can easily configure it from the WHM interface

Phishing Contents - Unlike other malware scanner  cPMalScan also has the ability to detects phishing contents related to major Banks, Gmail, Hotmail and other majors sites.

HTTP Upload Scanner - All files uploaded via website media/filemanager will be scanned

FTP Scanner - All files uploaded via ftp will be scanned.


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  • Breaks all cpanels

    Added by: tc0nn2000 About 4 months ago

    Overall rating

    I installed this and immediately lost access to all of my cpanels. https://s24.postimg.org/3vzemf0zp/Screen_Shot_2017_02_01_at_12_50_43_PM.png

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