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Engintron for cPanel/WHM is the easiest way to integrate Nginx on your cPanel/WHM server. Engintron will improve the performance & web serving capacity of your server, while reducing CPU/RAM load at the same time. It does that by installing & configuring the popular Nginx webserver to act as a reverse caching proxy for static files (like CSS, JS, images etc.) with an additional micro-cache layer to significantly improve performance of dynamic content generated by CMSs like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal as well as forum software like vBulletin, phpBB, SMF or e-commerce solutions like Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop and others.



Nginx® is a powerful open source web server that was built to scale websites to millions of visitors. cPanel® is the leading hosting control panel worldwide.

Engintron integrates Nginx into cPanel so you can enjoy amazing performance for your sites, without having to sacrifice important hosting features found in cPanel.

And best of all? Engintron is totally free to use!



cPanel uses the Apache webserver to serve websites by default. Apache however is not known to perform well under heavy web traffic (especially traffic spikes) and it's also CPU/RAM hungry. So how can you mitigate these issues? The answer is simple: by deploying Nginx, another popular web server software, in front of Apache. Nginx acts as a web traffic proxy, directly serving all static assets like CSS, JS, images etc. by default, instead of Apache. This drops significantly the CPU/RAM resources consumed by Apache, leaving your server with more available resources for other tasks or, better still, with room for more websites to host.

The way Engintron sets up Nginx inside your cPanel is a lot like how the popular CloudFlare CDN works. Nginx (like CloudFlare) directly serves all static content like CSS, JS, images etc. instead of your actual web server, thus lowering the load on your cPanel server. But unlike CloudFlare which requires that all your domains are set up with that service, you do everything inside your cPanel server. And better still? You also have an additional caching layer for when your traffic spikes, not just on one website, but entirely for your server. This additional caching layer is referred to as a "micro cache" and it only caches GET & HEAD requests (never POST requests) which means that it is possible to use it on any type of website, either a small dynamic Joomla corporate website or WordPress blog to a more complex news portal or forum or e-commerce website, that requires users to log in and handle personalized content or even generate content. Engintron's 1 second "micro cache" solution setup with Nginx is therefore ideal for any type of website and it can raise the number of concurrent requests served by your cPanel server from a few hundred per second (using just Apache) to thousands (using Nginx in front of Apache).

Not only will your serving capacity increase, but the load on your server will also significantly drop :)

If you are facing performance issues with your cPanel server, Engintron is your go-to solution. And in fact it's really a "set & forget" solution as you'll set it up once and then it will just run on your server without any additional maintenance on your side.

If you can sign up for a cPanel/WHM server on any hosting company and work your way through WHM, then setting up Engintron should be a piece of cake for you. If you don't manage your cPanel server, then you can always (kindly) ask your hosting company or system administrator to have a look at Engintron and deploy it on your cPanel server. It really only takes a few minutes and there is zero configuration afterwards to get the standard optimizations offered by Nginx.



There are 9 key differences when comparing Engintron with other Nginx installers for cPanel.

First and foremost, caching actually works with Engintron. It works as it should and it works universally. You install it and ALL your cPanel websites will get accelerated, even the slowest ones. Not only that, your serving capacity will increase tremendously. Simple Apache Benchmark (ab) tests reveal a phenomenal increase in concurrent requests served per second, from just 3-300 in Apache to 15,000-20,000 or even more using Nginx via Engintron. It's our carefully crafted "black box" configuration that does all the magic. And it requires literally almost zero maintenance.

Second, Engintron is a single shell script (weighing only a few KBs) that installs all required software (to make Nginx work as intended) from the official software package vendors' repositories. Both installation and updates are very fast (they take only a few seconds).

Third, since we're using the official repositories for Nginx, all Engintron software is updated whenever cPanel (or the server's software) is updated. So you essentially set it and forget it. Whenever you perform "yum update/upgrade" or upgrade the server software from within WHM, Nginx will be updated if a new release is available. If something is changed on Engintron and you need to re-install it, you simply install it on top of the previous installation. You don't need to uninstall it first like other Nginx installer plugins for cPanel do! Oh, and it works from CentOS 5 up to CentOS 7.

Fourth, you can safely uninstall Engintron and it will revert your entire system to how it was before you installed Engintron. Simple as that. Which means you can try Engintron and if you don't like it or you find it doesn't fit your needs, you can simply uninstall it. Your system will revert to how it was before. Period.

Fifth, it has an amazingly simple yet practical app dashboard inside WHM with all the basic controls for Nginx, Apache, MySQL, the option to edit all important configuration files for these 3 services and even some handy utilities that make Engintron the dashboard in cPanel for your day-to-day sysadmin tasks. Think of it as your cPanel server's mission control. And did we mention you can easily update Engintron from within WHM? Yeap! You even get update notifications when a new version is available.

Sixth, it's CloudFlare friendly. Because both CloudFlare and Engintron use Nginx as a reverse caching proxy, unless we configure Nginx in cPanel to properly act as the secondary proxy (after CloudFlare of course), chances are that CloudFlare will freak out and serve your sites with 10xx errors. So, if you have any domains hosted on your cPanel server that use CloudFlare for their CDN, you just set your server IPs inside your "custom_rules" Nginx configuration file (the file is commented for your help) and just restart Nginx for the changes to take effect. All this is done entirely inside WHM of course. If additionally you use CloudFlare's SSL, by choosing "Flexible SSL" in CloudFlare's "Crypt" settings you can direct CloudFlare HTTPS traffic to your cPanel's HTTP port served by Nginx, thus further improving web serving over HTTPS as well. A true win-win situation.

Seventh, it doesn't require Nginx/Apache vhost synchronization when adding new domains via cPanel. That's why you essentially "set it and forget it". Have a look at the other Nginx installers... 'Nough said ;)

Eighth, Engintron allows for both HTTP and HTTPS traffic to flow through Nginx entirely, as of version 1.8.0.

And finally, Engintron is 100% open source. You can tear it apart, customize it, fork it, knife it or contribute back to its development. Do whatever you want with it :)



Our GitHub repo is always up to date with the latest information on installing Engintron. Please have a look here: https://github.com/engintron/engintron#ok-im-sold-how-do-i-install-engintron-on-my-cpanel-server



More here: https://github.com/engintron/engintron#faq



For more information regarding setup, configuration or uninstallation, as well as other cPanel optimization tips, please visit the project's Wiki pages at: https://github.com/engintron/engintron/wiki



Please post your feedback and any issues or feature requests/suggestions in the project's issue tracker at: https://github.com/engintron/engintron/issues

If you use Engintron, please take a moment to post a rating and/or review here in the cPanel Applications Directory.



Full release changelog available on Github: https://github.com/engintron/engintron/wiki/Changelog



Engintron is released under the GNU/GPL license. For more info, have a look here: http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html



If you wish to go the "extra mile" and optimize your cPanel server both through Engintron as well as through other services that directly affect the performance of your cPanel server (MySQL, Apache, PHP, certain system configuration files and more), feel free to use the contact options from within Engintron to get in touch with us.

Or you can simply email us at: engintron [at] gmail [dot] com

User Reviews (14)

  • Did Not Work On Latest Version Of WHM cPanel

    Added by: devprocb About 4 months ago

    Overall rating

    Installed on CENTOS 7.2 x86_64 standard WHM 60.0 (build 25) . Install went fine, added port 8080 to CSF firewall, 502 Gateway Error on all domains. Reinstalled and disabled multiple times, checked ports, Would not load websites unless disabled and apache was listening on port 80. Anyother time a 502 Gateway Error occured. Looks like it has promise, but maybe incompatible with the latest versions of cPanel.

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  • Engintron plugin

    Added by: ubidzz About 4 months ago

    Overall rating

    Engintron seems to be one of the best plugins to install Nginx on a cpanel server. PRO: It 100% free Easy to install Easy to use with the builtin GUI in WHM. If you have CSF installed it will add the error log to the CSF watch system logs. CON: only draw back is that the plugin dose not work for SSL connections and will use the apache server to handle all SSL connections for port 443 but Nginx will handle all connections on port 80. Cant wait in till Engintron fix the SSL issue so that SSL connections for port 443 will be handled by Nginx. I installed it and i didn't have mess with any settings and it worked for all my sites that are none SSL and are on port 80. Ill still give 5 stars even though it cant handle SSL connections because it is easy to use and it works in cPanel.

    Was this review helpful?

  • The best plugin

    Added by: seya20 About 4 months ago

    Overall rating

    The best of the world!!!!

    Was this review helpful?

  • Stabile plugin, ready for production

    Added by: egurelli About 4 months ago

    Overall rating

    Very nice plugin, when I have installed i felt the change of page load. Stability; so I have installed it before whm 60 build15, works flawless with easyapache4. Important thing was the update of whm (60). So I started update and want to see if plugin either easyapache is going break. No, all fine and compatible, no issues due to update. Even cPanel may officially think about adding this to system by default and officially support plugin. This plugin doesn't replace apache with nginx, from official notes : "configuring the popular Nginx webserver to act as a reverse caching proxy in front of Apache.". Due to nginx acting as reverse caching proxy, you can use multiphp setup on users without issue with apache. And nice thing is they also plan to support for TLS/SSL support in upcoming versions.

    Was this review helpful?

  • It works. No hassle, it just works.

    Added by: gisforgirard About 5 months ago

    Overall rating

    I love Engintron, because not only does it automatically configure Apache and Nginx, but it does it flawlessly. If you decide to turn off the functionality so Apache is serving requests directly, it reconfigures everything automatically. If you update, uninstall, or reinstall Engintron, there's no errors, no issues, and everything happens completely transparently. You get the performance benefits without the headache of configuring everything, but not only that, it does everything with a single click and handles the configuration without a single issue. It works. It simply works, and it does so miraculously. I've never seen something designed so smoothly. I can't thank the Engintron team enough for their contribution to the community. If I could give this more than 5 stars, I would.

    Was this review helpful?

  • Best Nginx Plugin Ever

    Added by: mgilang About 6 months ago

    Overall rating

    Many webserver and its interface have i tried. Pure Apache, Litespeed, Nginxcp and they come with their power. There's a moment when you realize you need a community based webserver and plugin to control cpanel server. Long used nginxcp and until now they doesnt seems to get any update whatsoever. Many bug i found, error, some tweak not work and etc. Founding this Engintron is like getting a jewel. Its have so nice integrated plugin on your WHM, so you can editing nginx conf (many conf) directly via plugin, restart/start/stop services, and even update the script it self. At first (forgot what version) Engintron that i install got high load, tuning make load down again, until they release v1.7.x and this high load was stop. Magically (off course it isnt). Issue that post on their github pages from many user got respond very well, i think engintron deserve some donations button that i dont find it anywhere in their website or github page. What my score is? 9/10. Minus 1 for "Keep up the good work" Thanks.

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  • O melhor nginx!

    Added by: rapidcloud About 9 months ago

    Overall rating

    Por muito tempo utilizamos o cpnginx em nossos servidores. Após encontrar o Engintron, fizemos alguns testes e ele se mostrou ser realmente a melhor solução! Integração linda com o WHM/cPanel e diversos recursos avançados estão disponíveis no Engintron.

    Was this review helpful?

  • Fantastic

    Added by: massafiri About 11 months ago

    Overall rating

    This plugin just works. It works so well, it's unbelievable how hand's off this plugin is and how seamless it works with cPanel. Once it's installed, NGINX is working on top of your Apache stack. NGINX can significantly increase your web server performance and get more value out of your hardware (or VPS). At the moment. It does not support HTTPs, but according to the Open source project, this will be coming out soon (an integrated with Let's Encrypt). If that doesn't excite you, nothing will!

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  • Awesome Application with Awesome Results

    Added by: webendev About 1 year ago

    Overall rating

    I have been using NginxCP for a couple of years, and generally it worked ok. There were issues with 502's, and the application was never kept up to date (to correlate with the latest version of Nginx). When I acquired a new VPS that uses Centos 7.2, I found that NginxCP was not compatible. So I did some searching and came across Engintron. What an improvement... ! Engintron has a very nice UX within WHM, giving you access to not only status of Nginx, but many other things such as Apache status, mySQL status, and quick access several utilities that you would normally have to SSH in to access. In terms of site performance, I did several before and after tests on a WordPress site, and performance improved significantly (the site was already quite fast, but load times did decrease on the order of 100 ms average). I also did load testing with up to 100 concurrent virtual users. Load times didn't even budge, and server load was very low. Engintron is one well done application. I have seen paid applications that have far less impact than Engintron. Can't say enough about it. I am very please with Engintron, and would like to thank the developer for this awesome application.

    Was this review helpful?

  • Its awesome.

    Added by: marion3030 About 1 year ago

    Overall rating

    Installed on server using magento for a couple of large websites with large db. With some fine tuning and engintron was able to reliable get my page load times down from 4 secs to 1.5 secs. Great pluggin. Recommend to read the engintron wiki on further tuning the server. Some great tips. Thanks for a great module!!

    Was this review helpful?

  • Works like a charm!

    Added by: apollosk About 1 year ago

    Overall rating

    Installation is easy and the product works out of the box. Noticed immediate improvement of the server performance. I only had to update our custom rules for Nginx by adding the shared and all the dedicated IP address of the server in order to make it work with Cloudflare. Basically, I had it running in no time. I highly recommend this cPanel plugin to everyone! Keep up the great work!

    Was this review helpful?

  • So great

    Added by: nemanjac About 1 year ago

    Overall rating

    Just testing this one one not-so-loaded server (shared hosting with avg. 30req/s) First thing I noticed, processes went down for 70%. So are threads. Next, memory usage went down for 50%. Installation was fine and "painless". Click run, wait - as described. So far it is running nice. Seems to be stable. Overall "downtime" was 40-50 sec I think, for apache to shutdown and new configuration to take effect. Running on 4-core and 8G of ram HP machine. So far it seems to give significant improvements. Great JOB ppl, great job!

    Was this review helpful?

  • Engintron Has Made it Possible for even a Novice Linux Admin To PowerUp with Nginx

    Added by: BCLikesPHP About 1 year ago

    Overall rating

    I never write reviews but I feel compelled to write one about this plugin. I have a very inexpensive little VPS that I got from togglebox that I am using to do some testing of a Wordpress Site. The site was slow and unresponsive on the underpowered VPS even with just a few test users running it. About a year ago I found out about Nginx and what it could do to help less hardware seem like more, so I looked into it and ended up destroying my centos 5.11 setup trying to configure Nginx correctly. I just wrote it off and figured if I was ever going to mess with Nginx again, I would just get a managed server or maybe even a Wordpress dedicated host. Just by chance I found out about this plugin Engintron, while searching for something else and figured, it sounds easy let me give it a try..... Well I did and it is unbelieveable how blazing fast the little server is now running the same Wordpress website... I mean it is absolutely not sane the difference that Nginx has made and there is NO WAY I could have set it up without Engintron! It was so easy! I had an issue relating to 504 Server Timeouts that I posted as an issue to the projects GiT forum, They answered my question in like 15 minutes at 10PM Eastern Time (New York Time). You can't even pay for support that fast with many service providers, and it is all free! I am really impressed. I am working on a solution to help rapidly deploy websites and I was going to use a managed Reseller Hosting System. Because of Engintron, I may just decide to build the network myself using Mid Range VPS's from ToggleBox. Like Wordpress, it's so good I would probably pay money for it if it were not free... I am definitely going to consider donating to this project! Thanks Engintron Team... Your work is truly awesome!

    Was this review helpful?

  • Apache based Performance

    Added by: Nirjonadda About 1 year ago

    Overall rating

    Reduce Load, The answer is definitely a univocal Yes! A slow website is like a slow poison that will eventually engulf your business. So, the actual questions that arise over here are, What is the exact cause that is making your website to slow down? And what is the cure for this poison? For the later one, you need a tool or app that is capable of improvising the working of your web server, something like Engintron that is efficient in extracting high level performance from a web server! Engintron is one of the perfect remedy for a web server’s slow performance. The basic three features of Apachebooster that makes it a hit among the users are: 1. Engintron saves time 2. Engintron saves web server’s memory space 3. Engintron increases the speed of response of a website

    Was this review helpful?

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